St Germains Furniture - St. germain's furniture store

Kenner, Louisiana 0 comments

they are the lowest form of ***. as an ex salesman they still owe me a couple of thousand dollars.

they are running a scam, and the manager pat is the biggest *** to steal a job title. i hope the hospital pays these idiots for the land and building and they go blow it in the same night. disgusted is the only word i have. they are ignorant and screw salesmen and customers equally.

they hired the whole family and really need to go back to selling snowballs. the old man was cool and had half a brain.too bad it stopped with him.

St Germains Furniture - St. Germain's Furniture

Kenner, Louisiana 3 comments

You will definitely be in disbelief if you make the mistake of purchasing furniture from this store. Incompetant from owner all the way down to warehouse.

Its broken and cant be fixed. they should put the building with all the furniture up for sale. the highest bidder couldnt do worse.the way they do business is unproffesional to say the least. its about making a quick buck off of a sucker[or drug dealer] with them.

they cater to trailer trash and ghetto queens. furniture mart should have made them close a long time have to see this garage sale to belief it.



If the old man took control again, the place might be run like it was in the old days. otherwise they need to sell to Oschner and apply for jobs at furniture mart.


ah St. Germains!

The last of the snake oil sales furniture stores.

going to treat you right-to the poor house. :cry


:cry they dont tie the furniture down when delivering it as well as its shown in the! :grin

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